The design team of Avangarden Ltd. is specialized in the implementation of public works and park construction projects at all phases of investment design.

The design process undergoes all main phases. Firstly, pre-design research is conducted which includes a geodetic survey, certification, and expert phytosanitary assessment of the existing vegetation, if there is any on the premises, and analysis of the specific microclimatic, soil, and site conditions.

On the basis of the pre-design research results, the next step is to develop a concept, which provides general information regarding the design aims, the functional organization of the areas, as well as the main economic characteristics of its realization.

Following the design process is the development of technical and working projects, which include all relevant drawings and details necessary for the execution of the project.

Projects are accompanied by reference notes, bills of quantities and technical specifications, which provide detailed information regarding the specifics of the project, the organization of execution and the selected materials. 

During all phases of the design process work meetings are being held with the grantors to synchronise the organization, clear any current technical and aesthetic issues, and reach the best solutions regarding the project in question.

The specific content and price of every project is specified individually for every project in accordance with its specifics and the grantor’s requests.